Camouflage pits the digital bespoke object against a different language. A field of play is created between                                diverse but related elements of introverted and extroverted, digital bespoke and customizable, non-Euclidean                                      and Euclidean, work and production. This field condition is not defined by the elements themselves, but the                                      space between as defined by Stan Allen. A phenomenal transparency is applied through a type of dazzle                                    camouflage where the planar nature of some of the forms is disguised and the objects behind become                                              partially visible. A co-working program with in-house production provides a great space for this field of play.                                    The program is divided between the diverse elements with spaces like an auditorium, recording studios,                                              kitchen and food production being the introverted and digital bespoke, and boutique stores/front of house                                        and co-working space being the extroverted and customizable.
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