d|Evolution is a collaborative project between the College of Architecture & Environmental Design and the Fashion School at Kent State University. The resulting gown is an exploration into the deconstruction of the evolutionary process, focusing on the Jurassic period when birds began to evolve from reptiles. One bird specifically served as a source of inspiration. The cassowary, a large tropical bird related to the emu or ostrich, has many reptilian features including long sharp claws and a large casque or bony protrusion on
the top of the skull. The gown deconstructs these elements over its length. Starting on the shoulder, long
claws are 3D printed and attached to the gown by a wired shoulder corset. Moving down the gown scales were parametrically designed and 3D  printed onto bobbinette fabric. Feathers mimicking plumage and barbules of the cassowary begin to run down the waist and around the skirt as it flares out towards the bottom of the gown. 
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