Hafencity is a self-sustaining city within Hamburg with the goal of creating a regenerative society. When looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Hafencity covers many of the basic human needs like food, water, shelter, security, and even friendship. The upper hierarchy needs however are much harder to provide at a civic level and rely on the individual to find things like self-fulfilment and creativity. If a society were to truly be regenerative it would be able to fulfill these needs. This is the goal of Ausdruckhaus (House of Expression); to provide a place for residents to express themselves in whatever way they feel and to be creative.  Ausdruckhaus provides spaces for expressive release including fabrication labs, maker spaces, and a sunken amphitheater which can act as a speaker's corner. The act of expression was not overlooked with a site adjacent to the former Hanover rail station, used to transport Holocaust victims during World War II. The facing side of the building acts as a veil or curtain opening to expose the expression within, at the same time the form is derived by deflecting sound from the high speed rail away from the memorial.   
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